With almost everything being accessed via the internet, why would anyone still want to use the Yellow Pages? There are several reasons the old fashioned phone book is still a good investment. The Yellow Pages, at one time, was the go to place for almost anything a person could ever need. That isn’t the case anymore, but the advertising giant still has a place in the business world.

Depending on where your practice is located, the Yellow Pages can still provide much needed contact with the public. Individuals who do not have computer access or haven’t moved up to a smartphone yet, can look up a dentist’s office and find an address. The phone book is always there and always at your fingertips.

If you’re in a rural area I highly suggest sticking with the Yellow Pages. Rural areas don’t have as much access to high speed internet so we see a good amount of leads coming from the Yellow Pages in those areas.

With the right type of ad placed in the Yellow Pages, you can tell potential new patients what services are available, the hours your office is open and what types of payments you take. You can include all of the information anyone would ever need about you and the services you offer and make it accessible to everyone, even those who do not have a phone or computer at their disposal.

If you have budgeted for dental marketing and advertising, placing an ad in the Yellow Pages can still be effective. Be sure to use a tracking service to keep track of its success.

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

You can email him at bshaver@dentalinbound.com