Social Media Ads for Dentists: Stumbleupon

We have been working with dental clients recently to find new and innovative ways to reach new patients. We created this series “Social Media Ads for Dentists” mainly to inform you of how each social media platform works and how your practice could benefit. This week we’re focused on Stumbleupon. Setting up a Stumbleupon account (and Facebook page, and twitter feeds) will keep your name fresh in people’s minds when they are searching through the Internet.

We know dental marketing is not the most glamorous side of a dental practice, but it’s important for building your practice’s online presence, and for its longevity. Unfortunately, it’s not just enough to get to the top of Google’s search results (which is a feat unto itself); you also need supporting information about your practice from other sources—because patients are discerning, and like to read reviews. Stumbleupon Paid Discovery is a good resource for pulling in potential patients from a wider pool.

Google, the reigning king of search engines, does not index Stumbleupon sites (or Facebook pages); but these are the places people go for more detailed information on products and services. Stumbleupon is a newer entry to the social media scene, and it groups information by “interest”—design, art, literature, health, music, etc—it’s kind of the thinking man’s social media site. People can link anything to their Stumbleupon accounts, including patient reviews. It’s not a bad idea to have an internet ready computer or tablet available to patients in your office, so they can write reviews while they’re waiting for their appointment or directly after.

Unlike Facebook, which is more about the individual experience on the internet (think: selfies), Stumbleupon is geared more towards community knowledge; read this piece from NPR, listen to this song, or look at this photography portfolio. It’s an intellectual social media hub, and a good place to spend some time browsing. For a smaller fee than PPC, Paid Discovery brings your page to the forefront. Being found on the internet is not enough; more information, reader reviews and attractive images are all important to building your practice’s online presence. Good dental marketing needs to have original content, with a variety of voices represented. Facebook is one place to establish a social media presence, Yelp is also good for reviews, but Stumbleupon is a different sort of scene, which is fairly easy to navigate.

Dental Marketing is not one size fits all dentists; take a look at our articles about social media ads and if you need help putting together an online campaign give us a shout.

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

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