Next in our series on social media ads we look at running ads on LinkedIn.

Linkedin was designed for business professionals to network with one another, find jobs, hire top personnel, and other business related activities. As a dental practice, this presents a great opportunity for you to get in front of your target audience in a very creative and inexpensive way.

Relevant Quick Facts about LinkedIn (From DMR Oct 2013)

  1. There are two new members of LinkedIn added every second.
  2. Forty percent of LinkedIn users log in at least once a day.
  3. There’s 200 conversations a minute in LinkedIn groups.
  4. Over eight percent of users look at it while at work.

Why LinkedIn ads will work for your practice:

  1. Ads on Linkedin are fairly new in the world of social media. A newer medium results in less competition when compared to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even Google. Ads on Google largely go ignored when compared to organic search results. Linkedin is a more narrow space for you to stand out in an arena where there are not very many other dentists seeking patients.
  2. Linkedin ads allow you to narrowly target your market. You can look at demographics like employer, job function, job title, location, etc.
  3. You can influence people looking for jobs with ads that target a superior smile and explain how this will help them win the interview.
  4. The Linkedin audience is largely a group of serious professionals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this is a platform that puts professionalism first. Therefore you are more likely to find patients who are seeking professional dental services or cosmetic dentistry. Other platforms were built, for the most part, by and for young people to share personal information.
  5. Linkedin groups present a prime opportunity to engage potential patients who gather around a particular topic. You can choose to advertise within groups that focus on human resources or work benefit groups. This is where you may be most likely to meet up with businesses, both small and large, that are looking for dental businesses to partner with. Your ad will not feel like an interruption, but more of a value added resource.

So what can you do with your ads besides sell your services?

There are many ways that practices have used Linkedin ads to do more that just sell products. You can use your Linkedin ads to:

  • Leverage your services with complementary businesses.
  • Create brand awareness in a very niche geography or demographic.
  • Use polls to learn about what your potential patients are looking for in a dentist.
  • Connect with top thought leaders in the dental industry.
  • Change the perception of the average experience most patients have with dentists.
  • Share your testimonials with your audience.

Social Media has changed how a dentist has to market themselves. No one can deny the power it has to narrowly target an audience to virtually any segment of the dental population you want to reach. Linkedin is a key dental marketing tool to help you reach an audience that is ready and willing to engage with your brand.

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

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