Starting a practice from the ground up can be exciting but it’s a lot of work. One of the biggest items most future practice owners don’t understand is that marketing needs to happen long before your doors open for the first time.

One of the biggest challenges in opening a practice is making sure you have left enough of your start-up budget or working capital to invest in bringing new patients in.

Dental Inbound has put together a proven plan to help get you off the ground the right away.

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One of the most exciting parts of being a dentist is deciding to open your own practice. There are so many items on the checklist as you start to do your research. You have bankers, architects, project managers, construction companies, suppliers, and numerous others you need to engage with to get this off the ground.

Unfortunately, marketing managers are usually at the bottom of this list. I’ll explain why it should make its way closer to the top or you could end up with a great practice but no patients. Read More

Whitepaper: A Six-Month Guide To Marketing Your Start Up Dental Practice

What should your main goal be for marketing?

You need ATTENTION! During these first six months, you need as many people in your designated area to see you. They won’t respond right away so you need to keep promoting yourself to them. 

How much should I budget for marketing?

As it relates to your marketing budget it will depend, but those first six months are critical for bringing in new patients. The reality is no matter how much marketing you do over those first six months it takes time to build awareness and start to see a return. You must be aggressive so you can start to build a patient base that will refer you. This doesn’t happen over-night.

I have found over the years that most practices in mid-size cities need to leave at least $30,000 in working capital for those first six months and ideally $60,000 to get them through that first year. Read More

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Case Study: New Town Dentistry

As a start-up practice they were limited with marketing dollars and needed to start developing new patients immediately.

New Town Dentistry - Dental Marketing ConsultantsThe first thing we did was establish the demographics in their area so we knew who to target. We then designed a website and online marketing program to help them build out their online business presence to reach those potential patients.

We then identified grassroots opportunities they could execute themselves. From that point we looked at affordable local advertising that kept them within their budget but would be the most effective at providing new patients.

We started small with local ads on grocery carts and built out to direct mail and other mediums in their community. In the first three months they saw double-digit growth in their new patients. This increase in revenue led to more marketing dollars to invest. In year five they are still growing and have the patients they want.

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