Want to convert more new patients online?

It’s not easy but it can be done.

Google constantly changes its algorithms which continuously complicates search results. The bigger issue is that most dental marketing companies don’t change their tactics and use the same strategies for each client. At Dental Inbound we work with top SEO professionals to help understand the current landscape of Google Search and how your practice can find its way to the top!

I’m sure you have been to a conference and got talked into the $99/month Social Media Package or a $399/month SEO Package or maybe even gave someone $199/month to write some blogs for you. I’ll be honest and say we had those packages available at one time also. The problem now is choosing to do one of these won’t help you in search results and would be a waste of money.

SEO, Social, and Content Package

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The bottom line is you have to have a comprehensive search strategy that incorporates Web Links, Reviews, Social Media, Content Marketing (blogs and article submissions) and Analytics. Doing all of these steps will send a clear message to Google that you want to be a player in acquiring new patients for your dental practice. You can no longer build a dental website and let it sit there. It must engage your new patients.

So what will a great search strategy do for you?

  • It will provide more opportunities for your dental practice to show up in search results.
  • It will allow you to focus on dental keywords and phrases that bring new patients to your website based on the procedures you focus on.
  • Helps with mobile search.
  • Creates content to reach patients with long search terms “Pain Free Dentistry in Des Moines IA”
  • Creates a place for engaging new dental patients.
  • Links to relevant sites that direct potential new patients to your online content, reviews, and scheduling opportunities.


What you need for Organic Search: 

Keyword Research:

Dental Inbound subscribes to the largest database of online keyword tools. We go beyond the Adwords keyword planner to determine opportunities as it relates to geography, services, demographics, and numerous other factors.

On-Page SEO Attributes:

Our SEO professionals work with clients to determine how they want to show up in searches. This will create a successful pathway to show up towards the top of online searches.

Different companies use different strategies but we optimize each site to deliver original and current content for distribution.

Link Building Strategy:

To help deliver stronger search results we make sure your SEO strategy uses best practices towards link building. Numerous tactics are used such as targeted directory submissions, social bookmarking, and targeted blog commenting and forum postings.


This is where we go beyond your typical company. All our content is original and run through Copyscape software to ensure it’s not being copied. Most dental marketing companies use the same content for every client. that’s why it’s so cheap. We feel each site must have Original Content! Having a blog helps people find relevant content and when people share this information it develops more links to your site.

Social Distribution:

Once the content is completed it needs to be distributed. We distribute your content across multiple channels (Primarily Facebook, Twitter, Google+). We also do social media consulting to help doctors build their networks individually and stay up to date with their patients.


Each month we will provide a success report that gives information on progress in the major search engines, site references, and keyword success.

Why do you need great dental content?

Ask yourself this question: Has anyone ever called or walked into my dental practice with a question? What are they  asking and how often? Most likely if they called you, emailed you, or waited to ask you a question in person then  you can bet they asked that question online first. Dental Content Marketing is where you can show off your  knowledge and thought leadership in your industry.

The other big reason? Google and all the other search engines judge you on fresh content. You need to be updating regulary.

How does this work?

  • We have dental copy writers compose articles based on your criteria and practice focus.
  • We work with your staff to understand the questions being asked in your dental practice so we can answer those.
  • Fresh materials through content marketing comes up in search before websites in most cases.
  • New Patients needing answers depend on dental professionals for answers. Dental content marketing allows you the opportunity to look like a thought leader and in turn helps someone build trust and respect in you without even meeting or talking to you.
  • Dental Content marketing includes: articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, social distribution and lead generation workflows.