We recognize there are dentists who only need an extra 10 new patients a month and don’t want to make a huge investment to get them.  We create custom SEO campaigns to deliver consistent new patients to your practice without having to pay extra for services you don’t need.

Campaigns in this range are based on advanced search engine optimization strategies. We want to create a great relationship with Google for you so they see you as a community and thought leader. We will utilize the latest industry techniques to get you to the top for the services you provide.

The second part of these campaigns are based on content. We will utilize a dental specific journalist to write articles that help answer questions people ask about dental health.

For example, if someone in your area asks Google: What can I do about sensitive teeth? we want to show up on page one with an answer.

These entry level campaigns cost only $999/month and over time have proven to consistently deliver 30 calls or conversions to your request an appointment page.

Campaigns Include (click elements for more info):
SEO/Content Campaigns
Online Analytics
(Website as Needed)