Why Do You Need Patient Profiles?

The first step in marketing your practice is knowing the people in your area. It’s important to develop patient profiles to ensure you’re putting together the best messaging and creative (an area where most dental marketing campaigns fail). In today’s media landscape you have to speak to different demographics in different ways. That 35-year-old mom you’re trying to reach probably won’t respond to the senior implant Ad. You can’t blanket your area with one message. 

Part of any service we provide includes patient profiles that are specific to your area. We use the latest Nielsen research to make sure we have not only the most current data but the most accurate. 

What Does This Look Like?

Here’s an example from a client in Clarksville Tennessee:

Area Overview

Dental Demographics

Type Of People In Your Area

Household Income


Race & Ethnicity

Household Composition

What was our suggestion for this client?

“From our previous discussions, we understand that your primary focus is on families. Looking at this data there are opportunities to reach that group as well as cosmetic patients as you grow towards that. However, based on the current demographic profile we need to make sure we focus on all the potential patients that will help build out your patient base. 

Here are our suggested patient profiles in order of importance:

  1. Young Professionals (Based on Age and HH Income)
  2. Seniors (Based on Age and HH Composition)
  3. Families (Based on Common Segments) 
  4. New Movers (Important for any area)
  5. Cosmetics (Based on HH Income)”

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