These campaigns are by far the top choice for dentists. The reason is that they are a full and complete online and mobile solution. It’s not just about influencing people through search, it’s about being intrusive through advertising and consistently capturing their attention. 

For practices that don’t have the budget for traditional media, these custom online solutions have been proven to bring in 25+ new patients a month. 

With all the different mediums trying to get your potential patient’s attention, you need to have a great search strategy but compliment it with a great advertising campaign. The success of these campaigns are easy to track and bring the best results.

These advanced online campaigns are only $2499/month and have proven to consistently generate 60 calls or new conversions to your request an appointment page.

Limited Time Offer Only $1,999/month!

Campaigns Include:

Patient Profiles
SEO/Content Campaigns
Online Advertising Campaigns
Consulting Services
Online Analytics
Website Call Measurement
(Website as Needed)

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