Online advertising and Pay Per Click campaigns take a great deal of knowledge to make successful.

You need to hire a professional to promote your content as well as any specials or incentives you have.

In the dental industry it can take many months for organic search to have a significant impact. An online and social ad campaign can help generate leads sooner. Online advertising isn’t just PPC.

PPC Advertising

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Our online solutions include:

  • Professionals that are experienced in keyword research and Google Adwords (Enhanced Campaigns).
  • Targeting by geography, keyword, context, demographic, and more.
  • Research using proprietary software to determine what ads and keywords are working nationally and locally to cut out waste.
  • Monthly campaign optimization.
  • Create and maintain PPC advertising to help elevate organic searches and promote content.
  • Distribution to one of the largest ad networks in the world and can deliver ads to local area websites and national websites that local people use.
  • Utilization of Facebook ads for geography and demographic when necessary.