Why Do Mobile and Online Advertising?

This goes back to the attention discussion. When new patients are online you need to make sure you have a presence.

Hiring a professional to promote your content and specials is important for any dental marketing strategy.
Having PPC ads and online ads to go along with a great SEO strategy ensures your covering the people in your area no matter how they are interacting online.

How Do We Do Online Marketing?

By Dominating The Area Around Your Practice!

We develop campaigns that speak to the specific new patients identified in your patient profile.

Then we identify the different online properties that will help reach those individuals and set a radius around your practice (usually five miles but in some areas it might be ten.) 

Let’s take a family profile for example. We would target that mother of three by researching where she spends the most time interacting online. Whether that’s national news sites, entertainment sites, Instagram or even that local mommy blog, we will deliver ads to the places she will most likely see them. 

Then we do the same for your other profiles. 

What Does This Look Like?

First, to make sure we’re covering searches, we develop a PPC campaign based on a detailed keyword list we researched for families.

These include PPC ads and Mobile Click To Call.

Then we do Online Display Ads on the news, entertainment, or blog sources most read by Moms. These online ads are designed to build brand awareness.

We then create Social Media Ads to popular sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others as necessary.

For example, if Young Professionals is a patient profile of yours, we could place ads on LinkedIn.

If it’s families we will make sure the ads look similar to the ones from your direct mail and other online properties.

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The Cost?

Our online advertising services start at $1299/month. Most clients see over 75 conversions to their request an appointment page!

Combining Online Marketing with SEO and Direct Mail not only makes it less expensive but even more impactful with more New Patient Conversions!