In our previous post we discussed how billboards can bring in new patients to your dental practice. In this post we want to focus on how to buy them.

Buying billboards can be tricky but here are some tips to help you put together a great billboard campaign:

  • First, drive by the locations and write down the company name and billboard number. You will need this for future reference.
  • Once you know the billboards you want, contact the billboard companies.
  • DO NOT tell them the billboards you want. Tell them you are interested in avails for all the billboards in a 10 mile radius of your practice.
  • You don’t want them knowing which ones you want because they will generally mark those up quite a bit.
  • Once you get avails start to narrow down the ones you want negotiating package rates. Once you have a better understanding of the true value of the boards negotiate the ones you want.
  • It’s best to use a media buyer that can be compensated by the billboard company so it doesn’t cost you any extra usually.

What type of billboard?

Depending on your area there will be several options.

  • Poster Boards: Poster boards are generally on the smaller boards that don’t set up as high. They are generally found in more rural areas or smaller streets. They are less expensive but some are still produced on paper so they don’t last as long.
  • Bulletin Boards. They are your more traditional board usually located on freeways and large surface streets. They are usually produce on vinyl and have a longer production life.
  • Digital Boards: These are usually on freeways and large surface streets as well. They are mor enoticable and are great for a business who needs to make changes on a regular basis. The downfall is they are generally the same price or more than a bulletin and you’re sharing them with 3-8 other advertisers which cuts down drastically on your exposure.
  • Wallscapes: These are usually locate don the side of a building in metropolitan areas. If you’re located in a building that has these they can be great for local exposure. They are generally more expensive and depending on size can have a significant production cost.

Ultimately the type of board you choose will depend  on your geography. Your billboard broker or local billboard rep will let you know the options.

What do I put on my billboard?

Once you’ve purchased your boards, you will have to decide on what the message will be.

  • If you work with a creative team talk with them about what message will draw interest.
  • Be generic enough with your message that you can leave it up a while.
  • It’s recommended that you keep the message to nine words or less. Remember cars may be driving by your boards at up to 70 miles per hour. You want to make sure your message registers with them
  • Graphics are key on a billboard. Talk to your creative team or the local billboard companies graphic department.
  • In this instance I think stock photos of someone with great teeth draws the most attention.
  • If you feel your photogenic and have a strong professional picture of yourself it’s ok to put yourself up there but it’s not the most favorable option. Some dentists don’t like that type of exposure and when done wrong can turn people away.
  • Don’t put your own patients or staff members on the board. You never know if the patient will change their mind or a staff member will leave.

If you would like to talk with a dental marketing consultant about purchasing billboards in your area contact a Dental Inbound Marketing Consultant now!

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

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