These campaigns are all a dental practice needs to fully cover their marketing needs.  These campaigns combine both the power of online marketing with traditional media. We use patient profiles to build out numerous different demographics and deliver messages through direct mail and online sources.

Like all campaigns we do, these are custom to your area, to your demographics, and creative will be done to match your patient culture. Your messaging in your community to bring in the patients you want!

These full complete campaigns cost between $4500-$5000 a month. These will help convert over 125 new patient conversions through call tracking and website tracking usually translating to over 50+ new patients a month.

Campaigns Include:
Patient Profiles
SEO/Content Campaigns
Online Advertising Campaigns
Direct Mail Campaigns (5000-7500 mailers)
Consulting Services
Online Analytics
Direct Mail Analytics
Website Call Measurement
Direct Mail Call Measurement
(Website as Needed)

Add on: If you have video we can now broadcast commercials on YouTube Pre-roll and other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.