Over the past 12 years, we have worked with numerous dentists in very different dental practices. Each has their own unique personality, management style, and business acumen. Over this time though, we discovered that owner dentists generally fall into three categories as far as the TYPE of practice they want.

Do you want to build out a high-quality patient base for a practice you will own for years?

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I’ve had numerous conversations over the years with dentists looking to take a step further and grow their practice. Most have been working in a practice that has an aging patient base and need an influx of a new type of patient to help them grow. 

Case Study: Carolina's Dental Center

Carolina’s Dental Center 

Dental Marketing ConsultantsCost:  The marketing grader and staff efficiency was $300/month. They then spent between $2,000/month on online and $3000-$10,000 on traditional sources a month like direct mail, radio, and magazines.

Their objective was to increase their market presence for their solo practice. They were currently spending money on marketing but it was distributed in too many mediums and not being converted at the front desk.

We started by tracking their current marketing phone calls and helped them to identify a need for staff efficiency. Through their staff efficiency grader, we concluded that conversions on the phone needed improvement. The doctor made it a priority to get his staff the proper training and also incorporated incentives for staff conversion percentages.

During this time, we restructured their marketing plan and looked at the current market they were targeting. After discovering they were too broad with their marketing strategy we helped them build a new marketing plan to help convert more new patients in a designated area around their office.

Once we established clear goals of success, our media buyers went to work finding the best value in mediums geared toward getting the attention of the patients they wanted. Read More

Are you looking to build up your patient base numbers in hopes to sell the practice in a few years?

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Sometimes this is hard to admit but if you’re building up a practice to sell it in the near future (Less than five years) you have to go about your marketing in a very deliberate way. 

Case Study

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Cost: $2,500-3,000 on a full online media package

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Are you looking to add associates to build out your practice and expand?

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Growth inside a practice is inevitable if you have been successful with your current patients. Now you’re ready to make the decision of adding an associate. This can create great opportunities but will also create unique challenges. The biggest of these is how to bring in new patients. 

Case Study: Park Cedar Dentistry

Park Cedar Dentistry

Dental marketing Consultants - Charlotte, NCCost:  $4,000 for a new website and $1,500-$3,500/month in advertising.

Like most practices at some point, one doctor begins to cut back hours and phase themselves out of the practice. In transition, the doctor taking on a bigger role wanted to bring in more new patients as they had just hired an associate.

When we first were called in for a consult they were working with a national dental marketing company that had them working on their platform and not one they owned or controlled. After moving away from that company we were able to build out a new website to highlight what was important to the practice and start to develop a presence for the new associate. 

The new site was responsive, rich in content, and helped them promote the new associate and the services that were important to the practice. 

We set up an in-office dental savings plan and promoted it through an aggressive PPC campaign and Internal Marketing. Read More

Each of these categories has unique challenges and must be marketed in very different ways. The above-related articles will give you an understanding of how to market for each of these practices.

To dig deeper and find out what your practice needs, schedule a no-obligation call with one of our consultants.