There is no doubt the Internet has changed how a dentist must market themselves. The issue has become that in most areas every dentist has become more aggressive with their online campaigns. In addition, internet search isn’t going to find the 50% of people not going to the dentist who certainly aren’t searching for it. It’s time to get nostalgic and start looking at sources that worked before the internet changed everything. In this week’s blog we look at Direct Mail.

Why Use Direct Mail
When a person moves to a new area, he or she rarely knows the dentists in the area. Sure, they may know how to use the ‘dentist finder’ for insurance carrier offers online, but that usually does not give them much information on a new dentist.

When you send out direct mail, you can offer prospective clients a name, a face, and lots of great information about your practice. Tell them your specialties, tell them where you are located, offer them a special coupon deal to get them in the door and even give them a map to help them find you. Client testimonials are also a great idea. Have them printed right on your mailer.

As you can see, direct mailings still have a large part to play in the world of content delivery.

Industry Surveys Say
Recently, industry surveys evaluated the dental marketing sector. These surveys determined that the most effective way to reach out to dental clients was via direct marketing. The results were surprising because more and more money is being spent on internet marketing while the viability of direct mailings has typically been eschewed. As it turns out, this money could be spent in a much more effect way.


Referral-generating newsletters and patient newsletters are on the rise. These are the things that specialists and even general dentists should be looking to send out to really expand their practices and bring in new clients.


Another aspect of direct marketing, such as newsletters and even postcards, can do, is help you maintain visibility with your patients and grow your practice. Adding this type of marketing to the mix can really improve your numbers. Add a coupon and inform your patients about a new service you offer. Give them information that fulfills a need and they will schedule an appointment.

Of those surveyed, 65% showed an increase in earnings when they used direct mailings to reach out to both new and current patients.

Direct Mail is on the Rise
According to the survey, direct mailings are one of the marketing sectors that are predicted to rise. Clients delete emails that are unsolicited. If you are emailing prospective clients who have never dealt with you at all, they are highly likely to delete that email without ever opening it. But if they receive a flyer or postcard in the mail? They are much more likely to touch that piece of mail before recycling, and they just might be in the market for a new dentist.

Direct Mail Best Practices
With all this said, it is important to learn the best practices. You need to learn the best content delivery policies in order to be successful. Learn the strategies of direct mail that work. It is in your best interest to tailor your content toward your target audience. Let your patient area know you’re there and give them a reason to come see you!

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

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