Why Direct Mail?

The fact remains that direct mail is gaining acceptance again. While most dentists are focused on email campaigns and online advertising, very few are turning back to the mailbox.

Think about it this way, Google has tried to make it as easy as possible for practices to try online paid search and as a result the internet is oversaturated. Not that there isn’t a place for online advertising in your campaigns but it won’t move the needle as much as you might think. Fifty percent of the population isn’t going to the dentist and the other 50% may already have a dentist or will go through insurance. So how many people are actually searching for a dentist online?

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Dental Marketing

Direct Mail Starting at 29 Cents!

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Direct Mail - Dental MarketingDirect Mail is one of the only ways to reach the local area around your practice that isn’t thinking about going to the dentist. A great direct mail campaign with a hook and several calls to action will generate numerous phone calls and allow for a direct impact on new patient appointments.

So what’s included?

  1. Free custom design for a 5X8 postcard.
  2. Buyer profiles for sub-zips in your area to reach the patients you want!
  3. Each card has the residents name on the mailing label.
  4. Call Tracking included
  5. Free Facebook or Mobile Campaign for additional exposure and appointments!

Most practices are seeing 30-50 new patient conversions a month with our Direct Mail and digital platform! A 10-1 return on investment!

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