Why Do You Need Direct Mail?

We have always stated that the best way to get new patients is to constantly be getting their attention. Direct Mail is crucial in this process.

Here’s Why:

75% of consumers recall direct mail ads. Only 44% recall online ads. (True Impact Marketing)

Direct mail generates a response rate of .5 to 1%.  Social Media, Email, and Internet Display ads only have an average response rate of .02 to .1%. (DMMA)

Dental Marketing

Average Cost: $2500-$3000/Month

Each area has exclusivity. Schedule a demo and find out what’s available in your area!

How Does It Get Attention?

Direct Mail can target specific groups with specific messages right in their home. 

If I have Online Marketing Why Do I Need It?

Multichannel marketing is key to building attention for your practice. Direct Mail is the perfect compliment to make your online marketing campaigns successful. You can target specific demographics with the same creative as you do online. It’s the only traditional media source that can target the exact same hyper-local areas as your online marketing. 

If I Did It Before And It Didn’t Work, Why Do It Again?

There’s one reason why any dental marketing campaign doesn’t work. It didn’t help create attention. This can be caused by numerous issues like messaging, timing, targeting etc. 

Also, you may not have had the right tracking information. Our direct mail encourages potential new patients to go online and check out the practice. Judging any campaign without properly tracking its online success may have made it seem like it didn’t work. Fewer people are calling to make appointments these days.

How Do We Do Direct Mail?

Step 1: We Create up to Four Patient Profiles in Your Area. These can include but not limited to: Seniors, Families, Cosmetic Patients, New Movers, General Patients, etc. We can even do target messaging to your current patients!

Step 2: We produce 5X9 Postcards. We have pre-made templates but most choose to upgrade and use our graphic artists to create original artwork.

Step 3: We mail between 5,000-10,000 cards to households based on your area and sub-zip profile numbers.

Step 4: We provide call tracking and website tracking information so we can measure the success of each mailer.

Step 5: We match all creative to the website and all online campaigns for maximum exposure. 

When combined with our digital services, most practices see over 100 new patients to their request an appointment page!

Learn more about how you can combine the power of direct mail and the power of online marketing!