We were brought in to NC Pediatric Dentistry to help build out a marketing strategy for their five offices.

They were doing most of their marketing internally and focusing a great deal on community events. They were looking for a marketing organization to centralize their branding, online marketing and help with their traditional media buys.

Each office had their own name but was part of the larger brand. They wanted to make sure each practice kept their local presence but build brand consistency across all practices.

We helped develop the NC Pediatric brand and then carried that over to the individual offices with logo consistency and a centralized website.

We developed flexible online strategies to makes sure budget allocation was going to the practices that needed it most. Some practices needed more SEO where some needed more PPC and online advertising. Being able to be flexible on how we spent the budget allowed our team to get the best results as things change rapidly online.

In addition to branding, website, and online marketing we helped develop direct mail, radio, and billboard campaigns.

After two years, they have seen double-digit growth in their practices and have expanded to over ten practices!