“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin

Dental Marketing Consultant - Ben Shaver

Ben Shaver

Marketing Consultant/Media Buyer

Quick Facts About Ben

I started working in advertising when I was 15. I sold those congratulation ads in my high school yearbook. I guess I’ve always had a thing for hyper-local advertising.

Football Saturdays: Tennessee – Football Sundays: Panthers
Engaged to a proud Cleveland girl.
Runner (probably more of a jogger), skier, and mountain biker.
I prefer to Airbnb over a hotel.
I love to network with the right people.

But most importantly to you: I’ve consulted with 100’s of dentists creating marketing strategies that are a business function of their dental practice. I’m a strong believer in creating attention for my clients long-term.

Dental Marketing Consultant Stephen Fogg

Stephen Fogg

Marketing Consultant/Media Buyer

Quick Facts About Stephen

I started as a promotions intern for two rock stations in Cleveland. My first day I had to hold paraphernalia for Cypress Hill. We all start somewhere.
Spent over 14 years in media working for the likes of 21st Century FOX, CBS Radio, Comedy Central and the CW Networks.

A news & music junkie always looking for new resources.
Big fan of everything Cleveland… even the lowly Browns
Tried to launch a local radio station in 2013. Learned a lot in the process.
Family man, wife and two girls (I’m outnumbered…)
Cooks as a hobby, craft beer snob.
Cancer Survivor.

The important things for you to know are: I Spent over 14 years in media working for the likes of 21st Century FOX, CBS Radio, Comedy Central and the CW Networks. Before working in dental advertising, I managed digital campaigns for local clients.

Dental Marketing Consultant Tay Fewell

Tay Fewell

Project Manager & Lead Creative Designer

Quick Facts About Tay

My professional adventure started because I thought it would be cool to design club flyers. I got paid $25 for every club flyer I designed. What? I was fresh out of college and broke. I needed money…you get it, right?

I really LOVE SUSHI.
I read a lot. I find more useful information in a book vs my phone
I like traveling, bowling, and video games.
I produce and write music when I'm not designing.
I really like traveling cooking shows.
I love a good home cooked meal.
I love to laugh.

Here are the really important things you should know. I'm a creative professional with over 10 years' experience in project management, user experience, design, strategy, art direction, branding and innovation. Extensive experience in graphic design, photography, sports marketing, web design and content strategy.