What are the challenges facing you as a dentist?

Here is what any dental marketer will tell you:

  • Competition: With over 195,000 general dentists and numerous specialists, trying to gain a competitive advantage over another dentist is difficult.
  • Younger adults are not seeking out the dental treatments they need.
  • Some dentists have turned dentistry into a commodity.
  • Larger dental groups are buying out the smaller practices.
  • New technology has changed the way a practice has to market itself.
  • Lack of education for the public on the need for good oral health care.

These are still significant issues but recently it has become clear there are two bigger issues a dental marketing service has to combat:

Status Quo

If people are not in the habit of going to the dentist it’s hard to get them to start. 


As great as technology is, it has allowed too many distractions for people in their everyday life. It’s very difficult to get their attention.

How Does Dental Inbound Help?

We are community driven marketers. Our job is to expose your practice to as many people in your hyper-local area as we can. We don’t focus on one message for the entire community. We focus on different messages for each type of potential patient. You won’t get the attention of a mother of three with a denture ad of two seniors riding a bike. 

Sending personalized messaging to specific demos that creates action is what we’re best at. 

We have tested our formula over the past decade and found a realistic solution that works for any practice in any location. We take the demographics of your area and market to each potential patient with a message that is relevant to them.

Meet Our Management Team

Ben Shaver

Ben Shaver

Lead Strategist & Consultant

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Sara Harb

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Tay Fewell

Project Manager

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