What are the challenges facing the dental industry these days?

  • Competition: With over 150,000 general dentists and numerous specialists, trying to gain a competitive advantage over another doctor is difficult.
  • Younger adults are not seeking out the dental treatments they need.
  • Some doctors have turned dentistry into a commodity.
  • Larger dental groups are buying out the smaller practices.
  • New technology has changed the way a practice has to market itself.
Dental Marketing Consultant - Ben Shaver

Dental Inbound - Dental Marketing Agency Charlotte, NCAll these factors are leading to diminishing margins and higher resource costs. So how do you combat that? Look at the opportunities to make your practice successful and take advantage of them. There will be a great need for dental services over the next few years as more people discover the link of oral health to overall health. This only increases the need to solidify your practice presence as soon as possible.

This is where I come in. My background isn’t in dental supply sales, technology innovation, nor have I ever worked for a dental group. I don’t travel to dental trade shows and try to sell you anything. I travel to marketing seminars and trade shows to find the best marketing resources available for my clients.

Most practices don’t have a need for a full time marketing director but need someone that creates strategy, develops key marketing relationships, and manages the marketing campaigns.

dental marketing charlotte ncI have been doing marketing and advertising for 18 years. I enjoy working with dentists because like myself, they’re business owners. Like most business owners there are parts of the business you would rather have a professional handle for you.

Look at me like a financial advisor for your media investments. It’s my job to make sure that the mediums you’re buying are bringing a great return. When I feel they won’t I’ll find something new and innovative so you stay in front of every other practice.

As for Dental Inbound, our mission is to provide custom resources and consulting for each practice we service. We are a consortium of high level marketing professionals that have the experience and knowledge to deliver new patients to your practice.

I work with every size practice from start-ups to large groups. I will present you with a customized marketing program based on your practice size, needs and budget.

So get back to work, get back to hanging out with your family, golf, vacation, or whatever it is you would like to be doing. Your marketing team has you covered!

Ben Shaver
Dental Marketing Consultant