Marketing is anything but guesswork.

Marketing includes sharing the highlights and benefits that potential new patients will find worthwhile and beneficial.

Beyond simply promoting your practice, marketing raises customer awareness of new services or changes in your practice.  Additionally, marketing is about spreading your company name, image or brand before the eyes of a wide variety of populations of potential patients across multiple mediums.

That requires more than guesswork.

There is a lot more to marketing your dental practice than simply building a website and making a Facebook page. Marketing your dental practice requires some serious attention to more than just online sources. It boils down to having a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy.

Dental marketing is best left to people that work inside that space everyday. They have resources, experience, and generally a network of other dental professionals to help them discover even more opportunities for your practice.

When you work with an experienced dental marketing company you should expect:

  • Years of marketing and advertising experience
  • An understanding of the dental industry
  • Marketing solutions geared toward your dental practices size and specific needs
  • Professionalism on all levels and throughout the process from start to finish
  • Dental marketing consultants available to discuss a potential dental marketing plan and the various solutions available to you

Keep in mind that your dental practice needs a competitive edge to stand out from all the other dentists who have established themselves in your area. You want to stand out from the crowd and make your dental practice known by potential patients.  You need a marketing solution that will meet your expectations without draining the profits from your dental practice and will incorporate the latest advances in technology to reach potential clients.

The best dental marketing company for you and your practice should offer:

You need to identify a dental marketing company that will offer such marketing solutions along with a proven track record.  You need to identify a firm that offers marketing consultation that will give your practice a competitive advantage over other dentists and specialists who are also vying for the attention of the general population.

You will know that you have the best team available working on your marketing campaigns when you have a team of experts working on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. They will provide a menu of marketing solutions formulated to address your specific needs, tailoring a multiple stage marketing plan to further your practice on its way to unlimited success.

Armed with a viable marketing solution, you can compete with larger dental groups with confidence and assurance.

Ben Shaver
Lead Strategist & Consultant

Ben Shaver is a dental marketing consultant for Dental Inbound. He works with practices of all sizes.

His main focus is to develop strategies that provide congruency between traditional media sources and new media platforms.

You can email him at