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Dental Marketing Case Study: DSO (15+Practices)

Reimels Dentistry

When we first began working with the Reimels Dental Group they only had six practices. They were looking to grow aggressively and were primarily concentrating on SEO, PPC, and Social Media.

Their primary challenge was that not all of their practices were under the same name. This meant we had to help the marketing director research the demographics of each area and provide a different strategy for each mailing.

We began working with only three of their practices to help prove out the concepts and show the power of direct mail. In less than six months, direct mail was their main source of advertising in all six practices.

Through our five years working with the group, they have grown to over 15 practicse. We have seen them triple their growth and have seen each practice have over 20% revenue growth. Some practices grew from $750,000/year to over $3 million.

Advertising Campaign: Averaged between $2,900 and $4,500/month per practice

Dental Marketing Case Study: DSO (15+Practices)

NC Pediatric Dentistry

When we first began working with NC Pediatric they had five practices. They were looking to grow aggressively and needed an advertising strategy to help them brand their offices in both suburban and rural areas.

The challenge for them was making sure they had a cohesive brand but also make sure each practice kept a local presence. We worked with them on a re-brand with a new logo and then carried the same branding to each practice but used a local name.

In developing their advertising strategy they wanted to focus primarily on how to brand the practices through education and help people understand the options about insurance.

We encouraged them to increase their content online and utilize offline sources like direct mail to lead parents to it.

After four years with them, we have drastically increased the awareness and number of new patients. Each practice sees steady growth each year and they are considered the pediatric dentist of choice in the areas they serve.

What were the costs?

Direct Mail: $3,500/mailing per practice

Pediatric Dentist Advertising
Dr. Christopher Phelps Marketing

Dental Marketing Case Study: Multiple Practice Growth

Carolina’s Dental Center

Carolinas Dental Center brought us in to manage advertising campaigns for their four practices. Their owner was already heavily skilled in marketing and was looking for an advertiser that could deliver on his strategies.

His objective was to increase market share by adding new practices and focusing on comprehensive dentistry. This included focusing on the uninsured through his dental savings plan and strong referral marketing. We developed a clear strategy towards new patient specials, dental savings plan, cosmetics, sedation and more.

We began working on their offline presence. We launched campaigns in high-end magazines and direct mail.

The results have been over the top. In one year they doubled revenue and have seen as many as 300+ new patients in a month.

What was the cost?

Traditional Advertising: $3,500/month per practice (Magazine/Mail)

Dental Marketing Case Study: Group Practices

Dest Dental

When we were brought in to serve Dr. Dest’s six practices, they wanted more exposure in the communities they serve.

We did extensive research for each area to find out what specific demogrpahics and geogrpahies would deliver them the best results.

In the beginning, we worked with their digital agency to make sure thier website was laid out to receive siginificant traffic from direct mail.

When we launcdhed their cmaopigns they were just doing SEO and PPC. When adding in our services we were able to double their new patient numbers in less than six months.

What was the cost?

Advertising Campaign: $2,900/month per location

Dental Advertising


Dental Marketing Case Study: General Practice Acquisition

Dr. Roy Jennings

Dr. Jennings purchased a practice from a retiring dentist. He didn’t want to change the culture of the practice too much and alienate the current patient base. His main objective was steady growth that would bring in 15-20 new patients a month.

He wanted to target families in his local area to help bring down the average age of his patient base. Looking at the demographics of his area this was a group we knew we could be successful reaching.

We worked with their digital agency to put together a new website that would communicate the culture of the practice and help guide potential patients to the services they sought out.

After the website launch we launched branding campigns that were focused on practice culture with very limited offers. We supplemented the branding with hygiene and cosmetic ads. Our target was 25-44-year-old mothers.

In month three we were delivering over 20 new patients a month that was coming exclusively from the branding and advertising efforts.

Update: Entering his fourth year with Dental Inbound, Dr. Jennings is consistently receiving over 50 quality new patients each month and has brought down the average patient age of the practice by 15 years!

Online Branding and Advertising: $2,900/month

Dental Marketing Case Study: Family Practice Acquisition

Total Dental LKN

Their objective was to create a new brand for the practice to bring in more families. Their ultimate goal was to increase new patients by 25%.

We helped them push their new brand out to their community using primarily a branding campaign. In the first few months they saw 10-15 new patients. By month six their new patient numbers had tripled.

After six months of consistently running our suggested campaigns they are seein gover 50 new patients a month and the majority of those are families.

Direct Mail: $3,400/month

Dental Advertising
Marketing a Dental Savings Plan

Dental Marketing Case Study: Associate Buy-in

Park Cedar Dentistry

Like most practices at some point, one doctor began to cut back hours and sell out to the associate. In transition, the doctor taking on a bigger role wanted to bring in more new patients as they had just hired an associate.

We helped the purchasing doctor create new opportunities for the practice while not sacrificing the brand that was already established.

We researched their market and saw a significant opportunity for them to turn their aging patient base into more families and professionals.

We worked with their digital partners on a new website and collateral. In addition, we helped them set up an in-office dental savings plan and launched campaigns to promote it.

In the first three months, they saw a significant influx of new patients, tripled their website traffic from direct sources and their existing patient recall was at its highest in five years. They continue seeing over 3o new patients they want each month.

What was the cost?

Advertising campigns: $2,500/month

Dental Marketing Case Study: Re-Brand as Cosmetics and Sedation

Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney

When they decided to buy out their partners from the practice their objective was to brand themselves as high-end cosmetic dentists.We created external campaigns to help with referrals, new patients, and patient recall.

We executed a branding campaign that included pushing potential patients to their education articles online. We utilized a simple message with high-end creative and highlighted the doctors.

After less than six months they had grown their fee for service business by 25%. They consitently see the patients they want and their primary patients are ones needing cosmetic work.

What was the cost?

Branding Campaign: $2,900/month

Cosmetic Advertising for dentists
Dental Billboard Advertising

Dental Marketing Case Study: Family Practice

Monroe Family Dentistry

When the doctor purchased this practice he brought a young energy that drove him to want to fill the chairs. The previous owners marketing strategies didn’t produce the results he wanted so we began by researching the potential opportunities in his area.

Through our research, we found that his area didn’t necessarily have high-income homes which created a challenge in getting the right patients in. We pulled patient profiles and created a campaign geared towards families.

He launched a direct mail program and in less than a year was seeing primarily families and was even able to capture cosmetic patients that aren't prominent in his area.

His revenue increased over 30% and he has significantly increased his patient base to the patients he wants.

What was the cost?

Advertising Campaign: $2,900/month


Dental Marketing Case Study: General Practice Start-up

New Town Dentistry

Campaign: Hygiene

As a start-up practice, they were limited with marketing dollars and needed to start developing new patients immediately. We launched their direct mail campaigns at the launch and in the first month they brough in 15 new patients.

We then identified grassroots opportunities they could execute themselves. From that point, we continued using the most cost effective direct mail strategy for their  budget but would still be effective at providing new patients.

They saw double-digit growth each month in the first six months. The steady growth helped lead to quality patients and helped them grow their referral base quickly.

What was the cost?

Advertising Campaign: $2,900/month

Dental Marketing Case Study: Bi-Lingual Start-up

Mundo Dentistry

Campaign: Branding, New Patient, Cosmetic

When the partners of Mundo were looking to open a practice they wanted to create one that served both English speaking and Spanish speaking patients.

Initially, we launched a branding campaign to introduce them to the community. During that time we also helped them identify local sponsorships, promotions, and events so they could launch their brand internally.

Once the practice opened we did aggressive campaigns focusing on the underserved Spanish speaking community. We advertised a $69 new patient special to help alleviate any issue of costs for those without insurance. We also launched campaigns focusing on emergency and cosmetics. This was promoted to the entire market.

The owners were great to work with and focused a lot of efforts on marketing. As a result, they were seeing over 90 new patients a month after only 3 months.

What was the cost?

Branding and Advertising Campaigns: $7,500/month

Dental Marketing for Start-ups

Dental Marketing Case Study: Legacy Start-Up

Dr. Fryar

After selling his 12 operatory practice, Dr. Fryar wanted to continue practicing for a few more years in a much smaller location.

He wanted to grow a new practice and needed an aggresive direct mail campaign to start. We focused on his experience and the high-end services he could provide. We started with hygiene and cosmetic specials.

We continued his campaigns for over five years running new patient specials, dental savings plan and free whitening ads.  The results over-delivered expectations. In less than six months he was seeing over 50 new patients a month.  By the end of year one, he was seeing over 100 new patients a month from just his direct mail campaigns.

What was the cost?

Advertising Campaigns: $4,500/month


Dental Marketing Case Study: Sleep Focus

Carolina’s Dental Sleep Center

When Carolina’s Dental Sleep Center approached us about their start-up we were excited about the opportunity to advertise their dental sleep services.

We began by doing extensive market research and learned there were numerous demographics we could target (Seniors, Adult Males, Middle Age Moms.)

We started with a branding campaign that introduced dental sleep medicine to a large community around them. Our goal was to push them to their online content since moving up in SEO and trying to utilize PPC in this specialization would be very competitive.

In our six-month advertising start-up plan, we focused on education and getting potential patients to an online sleep test.

By month three they were seeing thousands of visitors to their website, over 75 appointment requests and started to build a great referral base in their community.

What was the cost?

Advertising Campaign: $4,500/month

Orthodontic Marketing

Dental Marketing Case Study: Orthodontics

Gaston Orthodontics

When Gaston Orthodontics opened they wanted to become the top provider in Gastonia, NC for orthodontic procedures. We looked at the competition in the market and felt with the proper direct mail campaign they could be a significant player in Ortho.

We created campaigns geared towards reaching not only students but to brand to moms. We utilized imagery that looked like kids taking selfies to get attention in the mailbox.

With the right creative in place they started to be talked about and in less than six months went from getting only 50 new aptient inquires to over 200. This translated to a consistent 30+ new patient total each month!

What was the cost?

Advertising and Branding Campaign: $2900/every other month

Dental Marketing Case Study: Product Focus

Denture World

When we sat down with Dr. Merrill to do our consult we discovered the doctor primarily was interested in bringing in more denture cases.

We pulled a patient profile along with an opportunity map. We discovered her local area not only had a higher percentage of 55+ individuals but also had a high index of people not going to the dentist. This created an opportunity to advertise direct mail to those people and get them in for a check-up and a fitting for dentures.

The results were the largest they had ever seen! They send out over 10,000 cards a month for the past five years and consistently see an average of 20 new denture patients a month!

What was the cost?

Advertising and Branding Campaign: $3,000/month

Denture Advertising