Want to know how to increase your annual revenue by $350,000 by only spending a few hundred dollars a month?

Ask yourself: How much money am I losing on the phone each day?

Most Dentists tell me they receive $1500 on average from a new patient. If your staff is missing or not converting five calls a week you are missing out on potentially $30,000 a month!

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Call Tracker and Staff Efficiency Grader - Dental Marketing ConsultantsIs Your Staff Converting New Patients?

  • We provide a rare service that uses the human element to evaluate calls.
  • Our staff listens to the phone calls and determines why calls were missed

It tags inbound calls for reasons they called:

  • Routine Check-up
  • Consultation
  • Emergency
  • Other

It tags reasons why these calls were not booked based on:

  • Still Thinking 40%
  • Price 14%
  • Insurance %40
  • Other 6%

Call Tracking

Call Tracker amd Staff Efficiency Grader - Dental Marketing ConsultantsThis step is looked over by many practices and is crucial to the continued success of your online and offline business presence. Having analytics and call tracking services placed on incoming marketing calls and website visits will give insight into where your leads are coming from. This helps us determine where improvements can be made.

The Dental Inbound Call Tracker has many differences but the main one is a dynamic number for each web visitor so we can track all your website calls as well.

Why you need Analytics:

  • We will provide graphs explaining what keywords or website sources brought potential new patients to your website.
  • It will let us know if direct domain hits are in line with online sources (This helps us evaluate offline media as well)
  • It will provide reports from each source that has a call tracking number
  • Unlimited Lines and up to 10,000 minutes included.
  • It will provide monthly analytics of success and places for improvements
  • It will not interfere, slow down, or have any effect on your current phone system like other call tracking services.