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Branding Your Dental Practice

Our branding packages are exactly what a dentist needs to start building their identity in their community. We make sure your brand is personal to who you are and the culture of your practice but we also want to make sure it’s relatable to the community you serve.

Here’s what’s included:

Step 1: Logo Design

We understand a logo is important and personal. Our designers work with you to create the logo that best fits your vision. They will also advise you when to use certain designs, fonts, and colors so that your community relates to your practice.

We provide:

  • Five different options
  • Once you choose an option we do up to five revisions (more available if necessary.)
  • Horizontal and vertical versions for ease of use on social media, signage, and promotional items.
  • We create the available file types (jpeg, png, eps, ai and high-resolution artwork.)
  • The client owns the artwork and design if they want to copyright or trademark.

Step 2: Practice Identity Package

This is important to help keep your brand in front of your patients and the community.

This includes:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Folders
  • New Patient Forms
  • Referral Pad

Step 3: Promotional Items

Having promotional items will help reward patients and staff and continue building your brand in the community. This is an add on service for our clients that want to build more awareness. We have a list of promotional items we can access at a discount if this is a service you seek. Contact your graphic designer to build that out.

Step 4: Direct Mail

If you have chosen to do direct mail we will make rue the same graphic artist works on your design. Keeping continuity with your brand will be paramount to the success of your marketing. Your direct mail artist will give you basic options that keep costs low or we can build out custom options to be truly unique.

Step 5: Monthly graphic needs

We find our clients have graphic needs outside of the products listed here. When you’re a client you will have access to a graphic artist that knows your brand and will help you get designs done for other mediums as well. This helps keep consistency on all marketing. If you have a church bulletin we can get that done. We charge a low hourly rate that will help you keep brand integrity.

Some practices need all of these services some just need a few. Schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about your needs!