Google Chrome to Require SSL Certificates in 2017

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Dental Marketing Agency Charlotte, NCSecure (HTTPS) websites will be favored over Non-Secure (HTTP) websites.
As of January 1, 2017 Google set a deadline for all Chrome users to move towards a more secure web. Please see these two articles released by Google.


Having SSL also has many other benefits, like improving your search engine rankings.

Checkout the two articles below:


How does this apply to your dental practice website?

  1. The Google Chrome browser is becoming the preferred browser of today (over IE, Safari and Firefox)
  2. The average business website has about 50% of their clientele viewing through Google Chrome
  3. Your potential users will see a message like the below IF you are not SSL Certified
  4. This will more than likely deter potential dental patients from perusing your website or submitting personal information via a contact form or appointment sign-up

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